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The official also said the White House doesn’t expect any legal issues with Mulvaney’s appointment, and didn’t expect it to derail the agency’s work. “I know it makes it a better story if things are unpleasant and there’s a clash of two directors, but I don’t think it’s [at] all clear that’s going to happen,” the official said. “I think there’s a very good chance that Director Mulvaney will come in on Monday morning and that will be end of things.” Even so, the official accused Cordray of starting a legal battle "we’ve gone out of our way to avoid."

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Despite the White House’ assurances, the dueling appointments have triggered widespread confusion among experts and concern among the CFPB’s regulated industries. Several groups aligned with Cordray's CFPB have insisted that Mulvaney step aside, while Trump's supporters have defended the president. English, a senior CFPB employee, would likely continue the agency’s aggressive enforcement actions and sweeping lending rules. Mulvaney, a staunch conservative who once called the CFPB “a sick, sad joke” would likely freeze or significantly change the agency’s current agenda. Mulvaney will also have to balance overseeing the CFPB while working with lawmakers to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling before the end of 2017. Failing to do so could risk a government shutdown or the United States defaulting on its debt. The other administration official expressed no concerns that Mulvaney’s role at CFPB would detract from his responsibilities as OMB director. The official said Trump picked Mulvaney because of his work in Congress on the House Financial Services Committee, his budget experience and previous Senate confirmation.