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“He’s got a lot of pressure on him,” Walton said of Ball. “And that’s just from being a starting point guard for the L.A. Lakers as a rookie.” Walton added: “Obviously with how big he is in the social media world that exists now, everything that he does gets scrutinized by everybody.” When Los Angeles selected him with the No. 2 pick in the N.B.A. Draft in June, Johnson, the Lakers president, introduced him with the expectation that Ball’s jersey would hang in the rafters along his own one day. Ball’s father has created countless headlines on behalf of his son, forcing Ball to answer for his father’s statements at times. LaVar Ball recently pulled his younger sons LaMelo and LiAngelo out of high school and U.C.L.A. and decided to start their professional careers in Lithuania. Tuesday night, he barked instructions and help at Ball from his courtside seat, yelling within earshot of the Knicks. “I know how he is,” Lonzo Ball said. “Regardless, he’s going to be turnt up. I like his energy. Some people don’t.”

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